The Dynamic Lifestyle Retreat
Hey Everyone!
Picture this: You are in Beautiful Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, California. Staying at a mansion with a small intimate and powerful like minded group.

You are receiving small bite sized amounts of content, but more importantly integrating the info in a peer to peer group fashion and interaction.

And working on enhancing your overall lifestyle, increasing your day to day happiness, and being in alignment with your true purpose and gifts.

You’ve known us as fitness coaches for over a decade now, but the past 5 years we’ve been working on our mind, body, and soul and although we will be talking about fitness/health at this retreat, we will be covering the 4 pillars of life…health, wealth, love and happiness.

Besides fitness, we have a huge passion with helping people be in alignment with their gifts and purpose in life and overall living a more fulfilled lifestyle.
We are hosting a 2 day retreat in beautiful Pacific Palisades here in Los Angeles California where we are going to go in depth on each pillar, help increase your day to day happiness and fulfillment, and help you live a dynamic lifestyle!
What you Get in your Investment:
  •  Lifestyle exercises that will enhance your overall lifestyle
  •  Break out group sessions
  •  Workout on the beach
  •  Hike
  •  Staying together
  •  Sharing our stories and challenges
  •  Building relationships with one another
Where: Pacific Palisades, California (in Los Angeles)
When: August 17-19 2018
Retreat Investment: $1997; Food, lodging and entertainment included, just need to pay for flight and retreat
Only 15 Spots!
Most people run retreats with over 50-1,000s of people and this is not what we want.

We want this small, tight, intimate, and we aren’t just letting anybody attend, we are hand selecting who we feel is a good fit for this and hopping on the phone with them and qualifying them first.
We would love to have you here and help be a part of helping us build our mission to develop a community with likeminded people that want to live a more fulfilled, exciting, and purpose driven dynamic lifestyle.
Any questions or concerns please email us at with the subject line “Dynamic Lifestyle Retreat.” Or Call us at 323-488-3978
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